Exit Value Enhancement

What makes your company shine?

What is the unique aspect of your firm that makes it stand out as an industry gem? You know what it is, but do your customers really see it? Equally important, does your potential acquirer see it – or will they ever see it?

Marketing is among the most leverageable parts of business, where a small investment can yield a big return. So too, with marketing aimed at M&A – there are seldom times when a modest budget can yield such a significant return to shareholders. Case in point: if your company is doing well but hasn’t been highly visible, a major pre-M&A marketing push will likely attract more suitors, creating greater auction tension and a higher sale price. In the 12 – 30 months ahead of your planned M&A, you have a chance to favorably impact the economics and optics of your transaction. Ideally, you should plan your endgame and write an Exit Plan – aggressive marketing should be a key element.

You know what makes your Company special, but do your potential acquirers see it? Will they ever see it?

Exit Value Enhancement (EVE) is Package Perfect’s proprietary process for developing the marketing component of your Exit Plan. EVE brings more buyers to the table by uniquely positioning your company and then dramatically increasing its visibility with a major marketing push. It also provides the benefit of marketing proof – being able to tangibly demonstrate your market presence to a buyer who may not know your company or market that well. EVE helps establish bold and credible perceptions about your company pre-M&A. Those perceptions together with the reality of your business become your deal optics.

Companies within a 30 month window of their exit are good prospects for EVE. Typical candidates have already received buyout offers; we project typical companies who have received their 1st offer can increase their M&A valuation significantly using EVE. Even though your exit may seem like a distant thought, the earlier companies start this process, the greater the impact.

Make sure everyone knows why your company shines.

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