Giving New Life to Old or Underperforming Products, Services and Companies

Wonderful products or services that are solid in terms of delivering value but underperforming in the marketplace can be given a second life through the process of Repackaging. Even companies can reinvent themselves both literally or perceptually using this process.

Many industries have their own special names for repackaging; in the movies it’s called a remake, in real estate, it’s a remodel but in industry repackaging can be done for products, services, brands and even companies.

Our Repackaging process involves first identifying any product/service deficits and clearly understanding what’s inhibiting sales or undermining customer perceptions. Ironically, many repackagings are often related to non-critical or inexpensive product attributes, such as a package design, a new flavor, or a small new technology component – and that attribute change is all that’s necessary. However, once it’s reintroduced, the economic and brand benefits can be tremendous and long lasting.

Repackaging is offered as a stand-alone service or can be performed as part of a rebranding, restaging or repositioning assignment.