CIM & Offering Review

Creating compelling and effective CIMs is its own art. In the best case, it’s an attention grabber that succinctly and clearly hits the sweet spot between making a compelling value case economically, logically and visually. CIMs are really competitive sales documents since at any point, acquirers have several they’re considering. What makes your CIM stand out? Is it:

  • The client’s market presence?
  • The company story itself?
  • A charismatic CEO?
  • Your Company’s brand and reputation?

Hopefully the answer is all of the above but the reality is the majority of CIMs are about non-distinct, ordinary companies. Which raises the question: what makes an ordinary company stand out? There is typically one or more compelling economic angle that can differentiate a company. And highlighting these characteristics together with modern graphic design can help spotlight and call attention to those differences. Considering the competition, it’s critical to have clients that stand out dramatically and quickly.

Package Perfect provides full CIM review services and can be taken from several perspectives: economic, financial, make the story more compelling, improving the graphics, or all of these.

By having a backup resource on your CIM process also gives you more time for greater deal capacity and flexibility.

Ideally a CIM is an attention grabber that succinctly and clearly hits the sweet spot between making a compelling value case economically, logically and visually.

COMPONENT SERVICES We offer a range of a la carte or packaged services as part of CIM review:

Positioning an Ordinary or Nondescript Client

Among a marketer’s great challenges is to take something dull and make it sound interesting. This becomes critical in M&A where perceived uniqueness, market position and competitive advantage translate into millions of payout dollars. If you’re having difficulty making a client or offering stand out, getting a review from a veteran marketer who knows M&A can identify one or more compelling angles that can differentiate just about any client and produce a big ROI for this service. Since buyers are typically looking at multiple deals simultaneously, having your client stand out can be lucrative for all parties.

In this service we use a range of qualitative and quantitative tools to determine a unique and valuable positioning for any client.

Making a Compelling Case for Value

That’s always the goal in drafting a CIM; having a compelling case for value that will make a prospect say: lets dig into this one. Making it compelling means the company must have a compelling story – its own momentum – and its own arc, just like a movie character. In this case, it’s the arc of your client’s current value and future value. The best CIMs economically, visually and immediately say: this company is valuable today, and will be much more valuable tomorrow. When done correctly, that will yield the reaction: this company is on a great trajectory and/or this company is undervalued. That’s the goal, but it’s often elusive to achieve.

In this service we help distill and story out the most compelling yet realistic case for a client’s value, both today and in its glorious future.

2nd Set of Eyes Review

It’s always helpful to step away from a document to get a fresh perspective. Unfortunately, time doesn’t always allow that. In a 2nd Set of Eyes Review, we take the document at any stage. If your CIM draft is complete, we can do a clean edit. Since buyers are typically examining multiple deals simultaneously, an opinion is also offered as to how well the CIM will compete with other deals from a presentation perspective.

In this service we can review and turnaround a full review in as little as 24 hours (standard turnaround is 72 hrs).

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