Successfully positioning a product or company is central to every marketing campaign. It starts with understanding your current market position and determining an optimal or target position: what you want your product, service or company to mean to the market. Your target position is described in a clear and concise document called a Positioning Statement that sits at the cornerstone of all marketing communications. Once developed, Package Perfect charts a migration path from the current position to your target, hence repositioning. All related marketing then becomes the vehicle to achieve the target position.

your Positioning Statement sits at the cornerstone of every communications campaign.”

Positioning is also impactful in M&A. Since financial acquirers look to ensure their income streams, positioning your company as uniquely valuable signals your market position is defendable. Together with a strong market share, this indicates your income stream is secure in relation to the market. For strategic buyers, proper positioning may signal a synergy to them or place you on someone’s technology road map of which you weren’t aware – prompting buyer interest from previously unknown prospects. Determining and achieving an optimal market position is best accomplished using both qualitative and quantitative research methods pre and post repositioning.