Inventing Unique Brands & Enhancing Brand Strategy

While volumes have been written about the importance of branding, creating timeless brands is still viewed largely as an art. Establishing a strong brand or reinforcing an iconic brand in the marketplace should be an ongoing priority for any customer-oriented organization. Dominant, powerful and memorable brands yield better financial performance, higher valuations and greater long-term value. The stronger your overall brand, the stronger the overall value – both perceived and as a balance sheet asset. We take a value approach to branding:

New Brands

  • We evaluate and map markets to help create brands that are positioned as unique and defendable in a valuable market space.
  • Once a new brand’s positioning is defined, we work to develop and fine-tune communication so that all media efforts focus on establishing and reinforcing the brand’s position.
  • Positioning research using scientific visualization is used to benchmark the new brand’s position for future testing and evaluation.

Existing Brands

  • We review brand strategies and work to reposition brands from where they are today to where they should be to maximize value.
  • This typically includes both brand redesign and adjusting external communications so that all media efforts refocus the brand toward the desired market position.
  • Pre and post positioning research using scientific visualization are part of this service. This enables benchmarking and greater management insight as to branding transition progress.

Creating Remarkable and Memorable Identity

Over the years, Package Perfect has developed relationships with a group of world-class graphic and product designers, each with their own unique styles and specialization. Working with our affiliates we offer and manage the development of full brand or corporate identity to compellingly convey your positioning. Every identity is brand-centric and an appropriate design firm is chosen to be consistent with each brand’s personality and the job at hand.