Names & Slogans

Names – Creating Striking and Memorable Names

What is the value of a great name? A lot. In addition to being one of the first things your consumer may learn about your product or organization, it may be the only thing a prospective customer remembers about you – so it better be good. With the dramatic reduction in product life cycles and the value added by having distinctive and memorable product identities, having a great name adds both value and leverage to any product line, service, brand or company.

A name may be the only thing a prospect remembers about you…”

We create names for new products, new services, new product lines, extensions, in-licensed products, new brands and even new company names. Our naming services combine both creative and analytical components as well as statistical measurement to ensure the new name is fresh, relevant and memorable. In combination with Repackaging, a new name can be put on an old product or brand to bring it up to date. Optional services include trademark/IP and domain research and securitization. We love naming assignments – few things can be more motivating to your team than working for a product or company with a great name.

Slogans – Developing Inventive and Differentiating Taglines

Slogans. taglines, mottos, catch phrases or hooks as we like to call them are supporting expressions that should be used to complement a name while reinforcing the positioning of a product or service or organization. Some slogans become timeless and iconic and have even better recall than the brands or products themselves. While product, service or corporate names infrequently change, changing a slogan to be consistent with a new or desired positioning is fairly common and should be at least reevaluated any time there’s a positioning change.

When a slogan is cleverly aligned with its product or brand, it reinforces that brand or its value proposition every time it’s used. The best slogans also differentiate – and slogans that achieve package perfect, differentiate with dramatic competitive effectiveness.

Like naming, we create slogans for new products, services, brands, repackaged products and organizations. A combination of proprietary techniques along with analytical components are used to create the memorable phrase that will help your product, service or company flourish into a well-defined market leader.