M&A C-Suite Prep

M&A is a complex and idiosyncratic process – strange to many sell-side companies experiencing it for the first time. Management teams that haven’t previously experienced M&A can make simple mistakes that can hurt the end result and reduce shareholder payout. While most investment banks take time with their clients to prepare them for the process, some clients need more help than others. Our experience in both leading and advising in dozens of transactions, gives us the knowledge on how to best position a company and prepare a team with insightful training sessions. This process is done in coordination with I-Banks and other advisors to ensure presentations and messaging are consistent with the way they have positioned a client.

Understanding Buyer Motivation

Central to a well prepared M&A team is understanding what motivates different types of acquirers. In instructing clients about buyer motivations, Package Perfect uses historical buying patterns of major buying groups and estimates what a transaction with that type of buyer could look like. This kind of scenario planning can help guide deal strategy and negotiation tactics while simultaneously teaching management key lessons for maintaining value.

Management teams inexperienced with M&A can make simple mistakes that reduce shareholder payout.

Charting a Path to Higher Valuations

In addition to buyer motivation, Package Perfect also reviews all the key marketing levers that impact the final valuation as it pertains to a pending transaction to ensure all are being maximized. Certain marketing stratagems, when executed properly will both drive higher valuations and attract more buyers. Many of these levers are still open to sell-side companies entering M&A if addressed promptly, yielding higher valuations.

Acquirer Role Play

For those clients who would like hands on experience prior to actually sitting at the negotiation table, we offer role play and transaction rehearsal services. These include reviewing frequently asked questions, anticipating objections and dealing with skeletons. A self-assured management team entering a transaction will perform better, particularly under a complex and pressurized situation. This approach complements the related services for optimum team performance.

Customized Sessions

Depending on the situation, tailored sessions may be the best option to prepare a client. This includes both strategic and constructive value analysis of likely acquirers, based on the expected M&A scenarios for a pending transaction. Custom sessions may be combined with related marketing services if appropriate.

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