About Steve K

Package Perfect Chairman Steve Kirschner is a serial entrepreneur with an extensive background in marketing, branding and as a corporate director.

In 1988, Steve co-founded a B2B software company that rapidly became market dominant in its niche and resulted in an accretive M&A 8 years later. Since then, Steve has led 11 M&A transactions. Having direct experience in both marketing and M&A gives him insight as to how to use marketing to maximum advantage in M&A planning. Today Steve lectures on Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Investor Relations and improving M&A outcomes:

When he’s not working, Steve enjoys mentoring entrepreneurs and serves as the Chief Marketing Officer and Director for the Harvard Business School Alumni Angels.

Steve grew up in New York but lives now with his family just outside Atlanta, Georgia. He spent the majority of his career in marketing from Madison Avenue to brand management to social media and has a passion for public relations. Steve is a competitive chess player and also a songwriter and music producer. He has degrees in Communications and Advertising from Boston University and an MBA from Harvard.

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